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Some ambient, evolving patches for Sonigen Modular

Even though the development of Sonigen Modular has slowed down, with its latest update being march last year, it’s still a brilliant softsynth. The sound vs its resource requirements are unparalleled, your cpu will love it. And if you like me love the modular approach to synthesis, there really is no question about it.
The patches in this post, are all in the evolving ambient soundscape realm; press, hold, release…and wait for it. Some of them you might have to leave running for some time before they get interesting/busy enough. Of course, “regular” sounds such as basses, leads and pads are of course just as easily made in Sonigen, but that’s no fun, why waste all that modular goodness on something so simple?

PS: ‘whoopsie7’ is a bit explosive, so put a limiter on just to be safe.

Get the patches here:
And the plugin here:


Welcome to the monsterblog.

Here I will present both the musical creations of monsterwerk, my ambient music project, as well as various sample-packs I have created for use in this project.

And one day, I might even write a proper introduction here.